Air Traffic Control


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Data de edição: 2009
Idioma: Português
ISBN 9789728881665

This is an innovative approach in the study of Human / Machine interaction, applied to aeronautical reality. By introducing the technological factor concept, in a balance perspective with the Human factors concept, José sampaio, proposes a new and stimulating field of academic discussion aiming to the comprehension of human and technological dimensions that support complex work systems.

José de Sousa Monteiro

Director of the ESCA - Superior School of Aeronautical Sciences, ULHT


 In order to meet the expected air traffic increase, the future ATM system will have to rely heavily on support of automatio, in an unprecedent way. ATM being already now one of the most complex socio-technical systems - what will be the role of the human, the human factor and it's interactio with technology? this very well written book explains that there is a need to look beyond the current human subsystem. The next generation of Air traffic management system will see a paradigm shift wich is complexity. josé sampaio highlights, with examples and trials, what is needed to meet the challenge of increased capacity, for the human in the system. The book describes the decision making process and the need to become aware of another subsystem which is the technical factor, next to the human factor. To find the right balance between these two factors will be one of the challenges we will have to face,

Any human factor specialist, ATM developer should read this book...

Marc Baumgartner

President & CEO IFATCA - International Federation of Air Traffic Controller's Association


This book, written by José sampaio, a former Portuguese Air traffic controller, is a major contribution to the comprehensio of the Air traffic controller function. By deeply analyzing, in an objective way, the decision making process in this function, he brought some light and understanding on the "Human" and "Machine" roles in these complex processes.

Paulo Encarnação

President of APCTA - Portuguese Air Traffic Controllers Association


After a deep research, José Sampaio offers a major step to the understanding of the air traffic management system.

Any Professional in Aviation shall read it. Air traffic controllers must have it.

Luís Canário

Aviation Consultant


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