Art and Photography


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Autor: José Gomes Pinto; Rui Matoso
Data de edição: 2017
Idioma: Português
ISBN 9789897570490




An introduction to Art and photography in Media Environemnents



Photographic Images, the Holy and the Sacred: Analyzing

Realidades by the Photographer Pierre Gonnord

Jule Schaffer


Friction as tactical Experience - Interfacing Photographic

Instances through Rosa Menkman's Sunshine in My Throat

Vendella Grundell


Operative-Images and Phantom-Images - The Synthetic

Perception Media in late Harun Farocki

Rui Matoso


Understanding the performative power of family

photographs through the work of John Clang,

Liz Steketee and Trish Morrissey

Patrícia Prieto-Blanco


The Recreational Image: from photographic amusements

to video games

Maria da Luz Correia

From Streets to Nets - The Trajectory of a Journalistic Photo

 Vinicius Souza


"Just Click, Click and Click!"

Photojournalism in Print and Online Czech News Media

Filip Láb and Sandra Stefaniková


Art and Primitivism.

An approach to Carl Einstein Negerplastik

José Gomes Pinto


 Jorge Molder. The photographer and his double

Carlos Pimenta



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