Beyond Mirrors: research pathways (CeiED 2013-2017)


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DATA: 2018
IDIOMA: Inglês
ISBN: 9789897570858

Coleção Ciências da Educação 06 - Série Debates e Perspectivas


"Every book has a story. This collective work has its own, as is only to be expected. it was born out of the criticism levelled by Carlos Alberto Torress, who, as a member of the External Monitoring and Advisory Committee of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Education and development (CeiED), called out attentio to the limited knowledge each of us has on the work, scientific concerns, theoretical frameworks used by everyone else in the unit. Accepting this critical observation, it was then decided, along with other options, to edit two collections of a selection of papers, both in portuguese and English, published by the ceiED researchers in the period between 2013 and 2017. The present volume represents the collection of papers originally published in English."


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